My Story

During my time as an Army Enlisted Soldier, I saw first hand how beneficial it is to receive care packages from your loved ones. When my daughters would deploy with the US Navy I knew how important it was to stay connected by sending them care packages. Luckily as a Postal Worker, I had everything at my disposal to do this on a weekly basis. They loved it and their colleagues admired it!

Working at the Post Office, I often meet with customers who want to send regular small tokens of affection to their kids in college, family and friends stateside, sick and shut in, children away at summer camp, or military personnel stationed overseas as I did with my children, but were limited due to day-to-day life obligations.

Let us take the stress and guesswork out of shipping your package. Snacks By Air will deliver to you 1 or up to 30 premium satisfying snacks such as Soup, Crackers, Soda, Gatorade, Jolly Ranchers, Brownie Mix, and so much more (items are subject to change based upon availability). We handle all of your shipping needs. Each care package comes with a generated computer shipping label a personal, yet professional look.